Debra Garfinkle (dlgarfinkle) wrote,
Debra Garfinkle

Friday Five

1. My ZEKE MEEKS series got its first official review, from Kirkus Reviews. I hear it's a good one, calling Zeke Meeks an "easier-to-read option to the Wimpy Kid series." Yay! Phew! I've never read the Wimpy Kid books, but my sixth-grader and his friends are big fans. And I believe they sell pretty decently too. :-) The first four Zeke Meeks books and the Kirkus review come out in January.

2. Three movies I'm dying to see: The Descendants, and not just because of George Clooney; Young Adult, about a young adult author; and We Need to Talk About Kevin, based on one of the most memorable and creepiest novels I've ever read.

3. To whoever stole my daughter's wallet: Thanks at least for returning her driver's license and student ID card yesterday.

4. I'm still not over the tragic travesty of Cochran getting voted out of Survivor.

5. This huge fan of Sophie Kinsella found an author just as good: Jill Mansell. And I found an author like the wonderful Nick Hornby: David Nicholls.
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