Debra Garfinkle (dlgarfinkle) wrote,
Debra Garfinkle

Haiku Book Reviews

IN ZANESVILLE by Jo Ann Beard-novel
True and nostalgic
study of adolescence.
But nearly plotless.

DOMESTIC VIOLETS by Matthew Norman-novel
A famous author’s
son works on his own novel.
Sweet and funny book

JUST KIDS by Patti Smith-memoir
Gorgeous prose from a
rocker/poet. But it’s too
disjointed for me.

SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER by Jenny Gardiner-novel
A woman questions
her longstanding marriage in
a fun, witty way.

A LINCOLN by Ronald C. White, Jr.-biography
Now that I’ve read this
humongous tome, I feel like
a Lincoln expert.

STORM FRONT by Jim Butcher-novel
fights monsters and vampires

THE DIVORCE PARTY by Laura Dave-novel
First world problems of
beautiful, wealthy women.
Nice prose but slow paced.

HALF EMPTY by David Rakoff-essays
Insightful, funny,
and diverse essays make for
great entertainment.

THEN CAME YOU by Jennifer Weiner-novel
I’m a Weiner fan.
But she repeated plot points

COULD IT BE FOREVER? MY STORY by David Cassidy-memoir
He’s a cocky jerk.
But, okay, yeah, I admit
I enjoyed his book.

LIFE AS I KNOW IT by Melanie Rose-novel
Freaky Friday-ish
novel was intriguing, though
a bit slow at times.

AU REVOIR, CRAZY EUROPEAN CHICK by Joe Schreiber-young adult novel
A wild prom night
with a vicious assassin.
Totally fun romp.
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